When the going gets tough, where do the tough eat breakfast?

Break-Fest: Branding, Marketing and Events

The weekend starts with a band, brekkie and a talk on something extra-good.

If you want to ask someone a question, share a story or pass on a photo or song today, it’s easy. You could do this with all the people on the planet in an instant. But it feels different to rub shouders and watch someone’s expression as a good idea dawns on them. We wanted to feel that as a group.

Worth getting up for

Because you can share anything or ‘get together’ with almost anyone these days those very ideas risk being devalued. Perhaps in 2020 getting together by Zoom is even at a minus value. In 2017 we felt we wanted to bring people together in an easy way to share ideas that were worth getting up in the morning for. For every concept or program or idea that worked as planned, a dozen didn’t make it. But its not worth dwelling too long on those. Let’s celebrate the ones that nailed it.

Feels kind of familiar, kind of new. Makes us hungry for stone fruit.

“Nobody is going to come to something at 8am on a Friday!”

— Bruna, All or Nothing

Can I get a muffin? What about a hell yeah?

Strange fruit

The brief to our own team was to find an event idea that friends, colleagues, contacts and locals could get behind and smile about all day. Because we intersect with a bunch of different people it’s not straight forward to find something that would appeal to all. But that’s part of the fun. We asked ourselves what does everybody do in the morning, what would they divert for and what would they remember if they came?

Something in the water

In our experience, if something has to happen it has to happen early. Everyone needs some fuel so throw in a good coffee or juice and it’s easier to find a reason to get to something good. Add a great speaker with a personal story to tell and a band for good measure and it’s something people might put in their calendar to come along to.

Set your calendar.

Listen in

Break-Fest is the shortest festival of the year and while it’s best up close we’ve adapted to the 2020 setting and been online too. Across seven festivals and three venues we’ve heard from social entrepreneurs, media hustlers, startup founders and lawyers. We’ve seen full bands, solo acts and duos to make your heart melt. Sometimes breakfast did melt – but that was fun too! The biggest endorsement is people keep coming back and really feel it when they miss one. That feels wholesome to us.

It’s not just speakers from a great place, but people who lived it.

“It was super exciting to meet the community and talk about Clothing the Gap.”

— Sarah and Laura, Clothing the Gap

Made local.

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