Florists once worked with nature, not against it. How can we reset the global flower industry?

Sustainable Floristry Network: Brand and Service Design

An example of how not to: individually-wrapped roses with paper, plastic and foam packaging.

An innocuous piece of floral packaging has made its way into the environment, onto our plates and into our own systems. We need to remove ‘floral foam’ and microplastics from the industry as swiftly as we can.

Advocating for a flower industry that treads lightly on our planet.

The thorn on your side

The founders had made a head start with their #nofloralfoam campaign attracting tens of thousands of followers around the world including hundreds from the industry and influential voices everywhere. 2020 meant it was time to commit fully though. We jumped aboard to make sense of the jobs to do in the coming decade and prioritise what mattered most with their team.

“Thanks to the expanding conversation and increasing industry awareness, the movement is gaining a lot of momentum.”

— Rita Feldmann, Co-Founder

Distinctive but flexible

The existing brand and website were good DIY pieces but with a need to attract more florists and customers to the network, investors and partners they were past their expiry date. Fitting in is fine for tax and OH&S but brands need to speak to us.

We ditched the Helvetica and forest green convention for something bigger and also unpacked the need for a school and a standard for sustainable flowers at the same time.

An expressive, elegant font for when we want to speak more strongly. 

Brand elements: a ‘Rearrangement’ mark for florists that leave a minimal footprint on our planet, and variations of the logo for flexibility.

“Trying to re-invent the product out of non-toxic, compostable materials is a monstrous task.”

— Rita Feldmann, Co-Founder


To show the wider industry and ancillary industries wassup we wanted the communication to be strong but constructive.
The master brand is tough but fair, there will be a new school of thought (literally) and the standard for consumers and retailers is elegant and evergreen.

Locally grown, in season and zero waste: all hallmarks of a Rearrangement.

For 2021 there is much to do for the school and campaign coordination. The digital home for the Sustainable Floristry Network is taking shape today and will support growth in both students, activists and stems (of course).

“What an incredible process, journey, outcome.”

Sarah O’Bryan, Co-Founder

Skills, people and details

Luke Falkland-Brown
Senior Copywriter

Amber Goedegebuure
Associate Design Director

Warren Davies
Project Manager, Senior Strategist

Ash Reynolds
UX Designer

Strategy, Branding, Campaign Site, Creative

Responsible Consumption and Production (#12), Climate Action (#13), Life On Land (#15)