Eating Disorders Victoria: Website and Service Design

Art direction for the new website.

Talk to someone affected by an eating disorder and you’ll quickly learn we’re failing to address the health crisis this disease represents at both state and federal level. On the front line is Eating Disorders Victoria. Their old website was doing a serviceable job providing information but we needed to better understand where a person affected by an eating disorder goes next.

Information helps but services are what’s needed

Hundreds of pages on the old website provided useful context and guidance to tens of thousands of visitors per month. But we couldn’t be a simple surrogate for Google on the topic—we need to help people address their situation constructively. We knew we must find endpoints for site sessions that mattered.

To better understand the service need we met with users and the staff who work with them.

“We need to serve more people, more effectively.”

— Jennifer Beveridge, CEO, Eating Disorders Victoria

The website is a balance of self service and easy help options.

Learning on the job

To provide better service, the new website needed to help Eating Disorders Victoria learn from every site visit, article read and form completion. So, in parallel with the site creation, we helped them define what a learning organisation looks like and how to support that through the website. Learning will create useful data and feedback on services, content and support preferences for people with a range of conditions.

Accelerating change for the better

Feedback on the new digital platform and website has been encouraging. The Eating Disorders Victoria team has redoubled their efforts in connecting people to services and information and deepening the user experience from first site session through to first contact in person. The site will become more than a content and service hub as member engagement, campaigns and support activation ramps up over the coming years.

We worked with the client team to understand the users coming to the site most often.

Peak demand in 2020

Throughout COVID-19, and the subsequent high demand for telehealth services and support, site users have been going deep into the resources on the website and providing data on what content and help is most relevant. The organisation has been adapting to suit with new support groups and online services mirroring demand on the site. It’s possible gaps in service delivery by government can be met by organisations like Eating Disorders Victoria.

Website events have helped to track the most in-demand content post-launch.

Illustrations by Carla McRae brought the idea of empathy to life.

Skills, people and details

Tess Copeland
Senior Designer and Art Director

Sam Allemann
Senior Copywriter

Georgie Batt
Design Director

Lily Feng
Senior Producer

Owen Davey
Tech Lead & Senior Developer

Carla McRae

Service Design, Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Art Direction, Copywriting, Illustration, Digital Development, SEO

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