What would happen if free legal support didn’t exist?

Justice Connect: Strategy, Design and Website

The new brand and website was all about bringing people together to see the right advice delivered.

Tens of thousands of Victorians interact with the legal system every month. It can be a stressful situation and the last thing anyone needs is a difficult online experience. As a prominent source of legal help for Victorians, Justice Connect wanted to simplify the experience, reduce the time and cost to serve users, and provide a better brand experience. 

Getting on the tools

Justice Connect wanted to be involved in building the site so a custom page builder was created to give them a level of control over page style and content, and allow for easy publishing. It’s often a sticking point on website projects as to how much control site admins and users should have. Taking the time to understand use cases and building a few pages together was the way to go.

The client team sat across four departments in the organisation, there was plenty of help at hand.

“We want them to feel like Batman is here.”

— Chris Povey, CEO

The website was the first major project for a vibrant new brand.

Go deep to move quickly

Making sense of the overlapping user tasks and detailed use cases involved some time. Within the organisation are a number of departments so mapping the user journeys saw many people involved from the CEO’s office to the call centre. The finer points of membership, support and campaigns were detailed and a final sitemap and information architecture was locked away by the project team after some rigorous exploration.

A shift for the brand

Alongside the website design and build was a project to bring an evolving brand to life and communicate the shift away from ‘information hub’ to ‘active campaigner’ for the organisation. A separate design team was putting the finishing touches on the brand refresh as we worked through the site design so we kept things flexible and collaborative to apply the new thinking to the site as it happened.

You can feel if advice and support are genuine or cut and paste.

Let’s aim higher

As the finish line drew near we were asked to integrate another digital platform into the new website. With the deadline looming the temptation was to say no but we love a challenge. The complexity of hosting the two assets together pushed out the delivery date a little but the site is live and receiving good feedback from the Justice Connect team.

Self-help and resources to minimise time spent chasing up people feature strongly in the site.

“Thanks for the amazing work.
Check your doorstep on Monday.”

— Ed Butler, Communications Manager

Encouraging people to act (rather than just read) was imperative for Justice Connect.

Skills, people and details

Tess Copeland
Senior Designer and Art Director

Georgie Batt
Design Director

Warren Davies
Senior Strategist

Lily Feng
Senior Producer

Brynn Chadwick
Tech Lead

Harely Alexander
Senior Developer

Strategy, Graphic Design, Art Direction, UX Research and Design, UI Design, Production, Digital Development, SEO

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