Raspberry Ripple: Branding and Website

Theatre you don’t see on Collins St happens on any given weekend.

We’re all affected by disability in our lives – either directly or through a partner, family member or friend. It could be severe or just mighty inconvenient. But in Australia, these stories and experiences are not truly reflected on stage or screen. Raspberry Ripple came to us to help them bring their disability-led theatre company to the stage for all Victorians. 

Making time for UX Design

Even though time wasn’t on our side we decided to carve a chunk of time from the project to understand users, their stories and the best paths through the Raspberry Ripple website. We met with people from the company and users with a range of disabilities and did online usability testing on our website concepts.

Brand was not originally in scope but the company may not have been as impactful without it.

“Thank you, thank you. You guys are the bomb!”

— Kate Hood, Creative Director

The website not only makes show management and ticketing easy but you can also book auditions directly.

An inclusive online experience

A disability-led theatre company needed a website experience that was accessible to everyone. With learnings gained during the testing process the initial user experience was adjusted, vanity features and innovations were stripped back and a high accessibility standard (WCAAG 2.0) was set to achieve our goal for the project.

And… action!

Not much was needed to encourage supporters of the company to attend Raspberry Ripples launch but we wanted a way to make guests feel welcome, curious and look differently at familiar faces. Along with marketing and social content we created an animation for the theatre screens, bookmarks featuring an actor from the company (in place of program flyers) and purchased every possible green Penguin book in Melbourne as a gift for attendees.

The idea for a brand often sits at the end of a ream of paper and lots of staring into space.

“How did you know who we are?
I’ve never been recognised before.”

— Raspberry Ripple Principal Actor

Seeing your brand at venues and shows makes the work worthwhile.

Skills, people and details

Bruna Cerasi
Designer and Art Director

Georgie Batt
Senior Designer

Warren Davies
Senior Strategist and Copywriter

Matt Sawkill
Tech Lead (Studio Thick)

Senior Developer (Studio Thick)

Martina Best
Senior Producer

Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design, UX Design, UI Design, Copywriting, Production, Digital Development, SEO

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