Cyclpac: Brand, Creative and Website

Creative work for brand growth challenges what is ‘good’ today.

The global packaging industry is like a giant oil tanker, it will take a few years to turn around, and new laws help, but let’s give the tanker a nudge and throw some stones at the bridge of the boat.

Food waste is the issue

The Circular Economy is the future as regenerative and restorative practices take hold in Australia. There’s plenty of work to do but we’re underway. One third of carbon emissions comes from agriculture and we waste a third of this so we could save 8% of emissions if we simply cut food waste. Cylcpac is a novel packaging designer and producer born of a combined fifty years experience across Europe, Asia and now Australia.

Art direction for the brand steered clear of familiar images for sustainable businesses.

“Like David Attenborough said in his recent documentary A Life On Our Planet: ‘if we act now, we can yet get it right.’ That’s why we are excited to work with them.”

— Amber Goedegebuure, All or Nothing

The Cyclpac website makes it easy for clients and product geeks to find what they’re after.

Not a brand headed for landfill

The Cylcpac team are working with partners around the world to remove packaging from landfill, reuse what we have and make and reduce household and commercial food waste. All or Nothing were tapped on the shoulder to help make sense of the business for the market here and abroad. We were asked to define and create a brand and bring it to life through a website and product store, and creative work in 2020 and 2021.

A hands-on brand

The All or Nothing creative and design team were looking for something beyond the category conventions of green businesses so we started with a more ‘hands on’ brand. The ingenious product design, no bullshit approach to what the market needs and willingness to get among the trash informed our work.

Finding what you need to reach out

The clever IP behind Cyclpac will evolve the business in a few directions from 2021. To build a solid platform for growth from the outset we worked with the client team to map their business development in products, services and end to end solutions and how their clients would seek these. You’d think recycled and compostible packaging products and services are a simple proposition but they can involve some careful hand-holding along the way. Within three weeks we had locked down the desirable journey for new clients, staff and collaborators. 

Early concepts for the website in development.

“I’m a bit uncomfortable. Let’s do it.”

— Edward Whitehead, CEO & Founder of Cyclpac

Time for change

By 2025 the majority of food packaging in the world must be to an environmental standard we can all live with. Cylcpac will be leading that here, in Asia and Europe. Our approach to creative dissonance around materials that have been harmful but can now help us do more with less will be a part of that.

Cyclpac brand presentation.

Skills, people and details

Ash Reynolds
Designer & Art Director

Luke Falkland-Brown
Senior Copywriter

Amber Goedegebuure
Associate Design Director

Warren Davies
Senior Strategist

Owen Davey
Tech Lead & Senior Developer

Jeffrey Phillips

Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, UI Design, Illustration, Digital Development, SEO

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