Up Bank: Strategy and Creative

Creative work for Up was playful and parochial.

How can you be effective as a market entrant when the market leader has a 108-year head start and more customers than the population of six Australian states and territories combined? Let’s find out.


Tech-led banking

Up Bank is one of the first new breed of banks to show Australians how money can be easy and work with you. They are tech-led banking built from the ground up as a product they would want to use themselves. And people are into it. While growth has been strong, led by love from the design, creative and tech community, they’re keen to make Up a bank for everybody. All or Nothing were engaged to find new ways to reach customers and help scale this through creative campaigns and customer experience design.

Getting to #1 means thinking like that.

“No other agencies have got results for us. You guys did.”

— Dom Pym, Up Founder

Dozens of ad variants ran across four campaigns in the first phase.

Starting with small fires

Today the creative and customer experience challenge is finding what resonates best with millions of disaffected Australian bank customers. We’re mostly unimpressed with the Big 4 banks but are not in a hurry to change either. Finding creative ways to get your brand and product in front of as many people as possible, and as often, matters. From research and concept testing we found 4-5 ideas that were worth exploring in market and a range of ways to execute those. So we did (no, not the entire wall of ’em, Dom). This could lead us to our Big Idea or simply start a series of smaller fires to be fanned.

Testing for best value

Our targets for new Upsider acquisition were ambitious but achievable. Across the first three weeks we got a range of results but by week four we had narrowed down the best mix of creative, channels, budget and audiences. Creative testing early on showed an interest in both conceptual and more literal creative directions and both drove strong results in market.

The subtle differences between younger and older cohorts.

Onboarding customers

Up Bank are big believers in letting the product speak for itself. While early users have done a ton of work for them in spreading the word, featuring this in sponsored content and customer communications became a focus for us. Hook up a Mate had already been created by the Up team but connecting this into customer onboarding and the first 30 days was modelled and mapped out beyond standard referrals.

Groups suggested their wants and needs were not being met by the 4 Big Banks.

Spending wisely

Melbourne has seen something of a fintech boom of late but you can often spot the teams and brands that will stick around. From breathing the same air as Up Bank for months, working closely on creative, process and communications we back this bank to go far. They’re keen to help us understand how we spend, where we spend and what this means. This could be key to the right kinds of spending in our future.

Control of your money is at your fingertips.

Sydney… Paris… where could this bank not go?

Skills, people and details

Tess Copeland
Senior Designer and Art Director

John Fazio
Senior Copywriter

Georgie Batt
Design Director

Lily Feng
Senior Producer

Warren Davies
Senior Strategist

Conlan Normington

Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Illustration, Animation, Production, Media

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