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The creative campaign exposed alcohol industry tactics for what they are.

Young Victorians are drinking less than previous generations but are still at risk from binge-drinking and alcohol-related violence. This shift in drinking behaviour was an opportunity for VicHealth to start a meaningful conversation about alcohol.

It’s just what Aussies do

When a research participant has a black eye from an alcohol-related incident it’s clear something is up. We asked young people: Are you aware of how alcohol is marketed to you? Do you know much about alcohol advertising regulation? What about booze and sport? The most unsettling thing for young people was that they were being manipulated without consent.

Top Spin encouraged young people to serve spin back to the alcohol industry.

“If alcohol came in a pill form people wouldn’t necessarily take it, because of the harms.”

— Lily, 23.

Campaign assets were created with five partners across four themes.

Giving alcohol companies a serve

Our Top Spin campaign took all the marketing and PR we’re served up by the alcohol companies and sent it back to them with something extra. To represent the uninvited nature of alcohol marketing in our lives, we created ‘The Creep’. Creeping on parties, BBQs and sporting get-togethers he’s there buying another round and whispering ‘its OK mate, just one more’.

We can change things together

VicHealth were keen to avoid just another media spike for Top Spin so we engaged a coalition of partners across education, media and the creative community to spread the word. We worked with partners to understand their concerns and feed ideas into the work. As the campaign took shape we briefed partners and their community on the activity and worked with them to engage their communtities in the best way for them.

Weekly winners were chosen from hundreds of entries.

Seeing booze differently

A creative competition around the dodgy tactics and methods used by alcohol companies was part of the Top Spin launch. Across five weeks, there were hundreds of entries, thousands of sessions on the website and 10 worthy winners of the judge’s and people’s choice awards. Radio, local press and interested organisations covered the competition with our message to encourage young people to think about how the industry influences their drinking choices coming through loud and clear.

Film and other content was captured as the campaign unfolded.

A wonderful Australian voice-over and animation made this film.

Skills, people and details

Georgie Batt
Senior Art Director

Cat Wall

Warren Davies

Adam Morris
Creative Director

Lily Feng
Senior Producer

Tigh Farley
Illustration & Design

Conlan Normington

Strategy, Marketing, Art Direction, Copywriting, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Production

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