What if the bridge to renewable energy was a smarter use of the current infrastructure?

Flow Power: Branding, Creative and Websites

The brand recognised those who wanted to lean in to power and those who wanted to just go with it.

The power market is alive with new and novel ways to solve Australia’s energy crisis, from clean coal to renewables and Malcolm Turnbull’s Snowy 2.0. Flow Power makes smart use of the infrastructure we already have and helps businesses manage their supply and use. They’re now set to take on the old guard to transform how we buy power.

Finding their flow

PG Energy had built a strong product and service offering with a good footprint in agriculture, wineries and manufacturing. But, they knew the brand wasn’t resonating and recall was low. We developed a bespoke agency sprint to test their existing brand against potential new brands. After seven days we’d uncovered a way forward for the business, validated by customer testing along with a bag of new ideas for technology, service and marketing activity.

The website connects meaningful power supply data with good advice.

“You’ve genuinely done a great job. It’s all really fresh and exciting.”

— Liz, Marketing Manager

Advertising around the country spoke directly to politicians and changemakers.

In with the new

We prototyped three ways to take the brand forward and tested them against PG Energy with users. While one prototype tested strongly, another felt more natural and tested even better. Over two weeks we developed a brand core, behaviour and belief set and indicative brand system. The two directions were still hard to split, with a film from one of Queensland’s best short documentary makers eventually making the difference. Flow Power had arrived.

The best way to move fast is to do the work in the room together.

Power without the extra rubbish

The peak time for new customers in B2B energy is mid and end-of-year when contracts are renewed. For Flow Power’s first retail campaign, we turned to a piece of feedback from a business owner who said wholesale is ‘Power without all the extra crap you get’. The Power minus the Nasties campaign was developed in under a week and rolled out across digital, direct, outdoor and PR. Flow Power now has the ear of industry, and the wholesale disruption of the market is underway.

Hidden fees and unwanted extras are a feature of power contracts for business. But not here.

“I’m sold.”

— Bill van der Linden, Owner

Go to where the customers spend their time, and be relevant.

Skills, people and details

Georgie Batt
Senior Designer and Art Director

Rohan Trollope
Senior Copywriter

Chesney Payet
Senior Copywriter

Michael McMahon
Finished Artist

Warren Davies
Senior Strategist

Zoe Limberis
Senior Producer

Owen Davey
Tech Lead and Senior Developer

Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Animation, Film, Production, Media, Digital Development, SEO

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