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Payo is for the memorable moments

Eating out with others and living like kings and queens for a few hours is something most of us aspire to. Taking advantage of new ways to pay like buy now, pay later can make this an easier decision.

Capturing the attitude of a payo moment.

Go there

A once in a decade bottle of wine or second desserts with the right crew can make a night out a treasured memory. The agency was appointed by payo to renew the brand, bring it to life in market and start the growth journey. During early interviews with foodies we heard it’s ‘the company’, setting and ‘what’s on the table’ that transforms a meal into an occasion.

Payo is a food discovery platform that helps you find new venues near you and to pay the bill later in 4 payments. Without the pressure to pay right away, users are more able to enjoy the moment and spread the bill over the coming weeks (and paychecks).

“That’s the idea? Fork yeah.”

— Taf Chiwanza, Co-Founder and CEO

Credit for new thinking

Payments and credit facilities have been static for decades but web 3.0 and fintech innovation has given us a range of new options. We’re good at budgeting for everyday occasions – the weekly shop, a regular haircut and meals out with our good mates. We can struggle with spontaneous purchases or bills outside our usual tolerances.

Often our first impulse is to say ‘next time’ or if we do indulge the anxiety of the bill clouds our pleasure. The payo team recognised the affinity Australians had quickly formed for buy now, pay later platforms. They also recognised that a service in the hospitality sector would unlock more experimentation and discovery at venues.

A selection of social media assets.

Celebrating authentic, life-affirming moments that happen on a good night or day out with others.

Your mate that knows what’s good

On landing the brand core, tone of voice and art direction we worked on how to bring it to life. We looked at the people payo wants to connect with and the conversations the brand wants to have in its first year. The brand is relevant to anyone that eats out but like any year one business, payo is finding that first group of fans and users that go often and are open to new ways to pay and connect with venues.

For the agency and payo it’s not enough to show it’s easier to pay as you like, we’ve begun conversations around money management, what makes a meal an occasion, chefs and unique venues and more. Payo is more than money.

The website.

“It’s how the people greet you, the distance between the tables, the fact the chef will not be back again soon.
That’s special.”

— Foodie interviewee

Around the corner from you

The platform already has close to 600 venues in three states and is on a fast growth trajectory after just 8 months. As well as the core idea of transcendent food moments tactical work for groups and deals are already in play for the brand.

Look up that old friend, grab a workmate and get out there. Tonight could be one to remember with payo.

Fun, interactive touchpoints for a fun, interactive brand.

A look at some of the brand elements.

Skills, people and details

Warren Davies
Project Manager, Senior Strategist

Amber Goedegebuure
Design Director

Sinead Roarty
Senior Copywriter

Peter Tarasiuk

Jess Ramsey

Michael McMahon

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