If we could stop wasted water and power use, would that help the planet?

SUMS: Branding and Website

Good insight is the beginning of better usage.

Watersave had been saving Australians water through smart metering and waterless technology for fifteen years. Through good planning, they had secured a number of businesses and products over the years to include utilities software that managed gas and electricity as well as water. However, there was no unifying brand architecture and communications framework to bring all the Watersave brands together. 

One brand to rule them all

Watersave saw their future focus becoming business consulting and environmental advocacy. Within the group of companies they owned there was one brand they felt suited that vision best. SUMS was a new product feature connected to water meters. This became the launchpad for new ways to express the brand and placed SUMS at the centre of their business. 

Brand devices to help explain the maths behind SUMS.

“You helped us see ourselves clearly and make sense of the group business.”

— Paul Marsh, Founder and Managing Director

The website serves a diverse range of customer types, from local council and developers to CSOs and handymen.

Doing the maths

SUMS was currently a central dashboard for monitoring data across a customers utility network. There were many ways this could be brought to life as a master brand: Smart and intuitive, a humble companion to your workday—even a colleague in a computer. From an extended agency workshop we chose a territory that explained complex B2B systems simply. ‘The maths of good business’ was the brand idea that gave SUMS life.


It all adds up

A refresh of the SUMS brand, new website and a toolbox for communicating the nuts and bolts of SUMS was the output of a month-long project across Sydney and Melbourne. The team at SUMS couldn’t be more pleased with their new identity and clarity with a full calendar of events and marketing activity rolling out across the next couple of years.


The work started with a brand sprint and value proposition design.

“You have managed to capture the essence of SUMS, we’re excited to get out there with it!”

— Margrethe Ingmann, Marketing Manager

Brand documentation for the new SUMS.

Skills, people and details

Warren Davies
Senior Strategist

Georgie Batt
Senior Designer and Art Director

Zoe Limberis
Senior Producer

Adam Morris
Creative Director

Rohan Trollope
Senior Copywriter


Strategy, Research, Graphic Design, User Interface Design, Production, Copywriting

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