Zoe Daniel: Electoral platform, launch and website

Where often political photography feels posed and formal, we captured Zoe as a candidate who is capable, compassionate and very importantly: human.

In this moment the balance of power in federal parliament is being challenged by progressive independents loathe to follow the slow pace of change on climate, democratic reform and our communities and economy. In one of the sleepiest seats in Victoria we were asked to help activate voters ahead of the ’22 federal election.

Zoe stands for what matters.

Going for Goldstein

Voices of Goldstein approached All or Nothing to work with an independent candidate to prepare an electoral platform, branding, communications and launch assets for a date in the very near future. A week is a long time in politics but hardly a long time for ideas and craft to resolve. A handful of weeks was available so we jumped in with a team of strategists, political advisors, creatives and support team to provide research, planning, creative and production services for a freshly formed campaign team in Goldstein.

“Let’s get her name up above the highway.”

— Angela Pippos, Media Manager

Time’s up, Tim

Independents like Cathy McGowan, Zali Steggall and now Zoe Daniel are working with grassroots movements like the ‘Voices of’ chapters around Australia to unseat members of parliament where they believe necessary. Members found to be actively resisting the wishes and interests of the majority of constituents (hello Tony) – or at the least dragging their feet – are finding themselves contesting seats with progressive, capable and well supported indies. Up to 30 seats around the country will be contested by candidates supported by local movements at the upcoming election.

The communications challenge is to open eyes and ears to options beyond the two-party system, create trust and good faith (or at the least credibility) that the current agenda for change can be delivered and to cut through on a modest budget.

Posters will be up on fences and in windows throughout the electorate.

An online presence that goes beyond the website: news of Zoe contesting this Liberal seat is spreading.

You’re the voice

Creative by the agency included development of concepts for the electoral platform (positioning, slogan, art direction), creative development for media, launch and campaign materials, the campaign website and messaging and then production of items to a tight turn around with the campaign team.

Concepts addressing climate anxiety and lost faith in parliament, an independent historically qualified to hold Prime Ministers and Presidents accountable and other possible stances were tested before a platform of ‘finding your voice’ was landed.

We can’t just keep waiting.

“Whether Prime Ministers or newbs it all comes down to a few words and a clear identity.”

— Sinead Roarty, Senior Copywriter

The end of the beginning

The electoral campaign was launched on November 27 in a charming seaside park in the electorate with hundreds of locals (and interested peeps from further afield) grabbing a tee, cuppa and chat with Zoe. The campaign team is set and developing new stories, content and media to a platform delivered with the agency. The local member has good reason to find his own voice on what locals seek. He has a handful of months, actually not much time in politics for the slow-moving Morrison government.

Postcards for Team Zoe.

Zoe: “My 14 year old son makes a powerful argument when he says, you have a chance to do something for all of us, Mum.”

Skills, people and details

Warren Davies
Project Manager, Senior Strategist

Sinead Roarty
Senior Copywriter

Amber Goedegebuure
Design Director

Nikko De Jesus

Fred Kroh

Brand, Creative, Website

Affordable and Clean Energy (#7), Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (#9), Climate Action (#13), Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (#16)